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Kuk Sool is a traditional Korean martial art and therefore most commands are given using the Korean language. Newcomers need not be put off by this however, because we use a combination of English and Korean until the student has mastered the basic commands.

Here are the main commands and other terminology that a student may find useful:

Titles for Addressing The Ranks Of Black Belt

Kuk Sa Nim = National Martial Arts Teacher
Chohng Kwahn Jahng Nim = Chiefmaster
Kwahn Jahng Nim = Master
Sa Bum Nim = Coach or Instructor (4th Degree)

Pu Sa Bum Nim = Vice Coach or Vice Instructor (3rd Degree)
Kyo Sa Nim = Teacher (2nd Degree)
Jo Kyo Nim = Assistant Teacher (1st Degree)
Yu Dahn Ja = Black Belt holder


Jea Ja = Martial Arts Student
Dahn Boh = Black Brown Belt
Ja Di = Brown Belt
Hohng Di = Red Belt
Chuhng Di = Blue Belt
Noh Rahng Di = Yellow Belt
Hin Di = White Belt
Jung Ja = Kneel
Soo Ri Un = Practice
Cha Ri Ut = Attention
Kyung Nea = Bow
Ba Ro = At ease
Joon Bi = Ready
Shi Jak = Begin
Suhm She Gi = Breathing
Shui Uh = Rest
Ko Mahn = Stop
Guht = Finish
Kohng Kyuk = Offence
Bahng Uh = Defence
Jah Seh = Stance
Kohng Kyuk Jah Seh = Offensive Stance or Left Guarding Stance
Bahng Uh Jah Seh = Defensive Stance or Right Guarding Stance
Ki Mah Jah Seh = Horse Riding Stance
Juhn Gool Jah Seh = Long Stance
Nak Bub = Falling Principle
Ki Cho Jah Ki = "Ki" Breathing Exercises
Ki = Internal Energy
Ki Ahp = Martial Arts Yell
Soo = Technique
Hae Jun = Circle
Doh Ra = Spin
Dwi = Back
Jok Sool = Leg technique

Cha Gi = Kick


Hah Nah = One
Dul = Two
Set = Three
Net = Four
Dah Suht = Five
Yuh Suht = Six
Il Gohp = Seven
Yuh Duhl = Eight
Ah Hohp = Nine
Yuhl = Ten

Kicks & Punches
Ahp Cha Ohl Li Ki = Straight Leg Kick
Ahp Cha Ki = Front Kick
Moo Reup Cha Ki = Knee Kick
Ahn Dah Ree Cha Ki = Inside Kick
Bah Gaht Dah Ree Cha Ki = Outside Kick
Bahl Deung Cha Ki = Round House Kick
Yuhp Cha Ki = Side Kick
Dee Cha Ki = Back Kick
Bahl Koom Chi Cha Ki = Hook Kick
Jik Uh Cha Ki = Axe Kick
Yuhk Bahl Deung Cha Ki = Reverse Round House Kick
Ahn Koom Chi Dohl Li Ki = Turn Inside Heel Kick
Yuhp Jik Ki = Side Front Kick
Dee Doh Rah Yuhp Cha Ki = Turn Back Side Kick
Sahng Dahn Doh Rah Cha Ki = High Spinning Kick
Hah Dahn Doh Rah Cha Ki = Low Spinning Kick
Jung Gwan = Forefist or Straight punch
Pyung Soo = Palm Technique
Gwan Soo = Spear Hand
Soo Doh = Knife Hand
Yuk Soo Doh = Inner Knife hand
Sang Soo Doh = Double Knife hand
Hae Jun Soo Doh = Circle Knife hand
Gahk Gwuhn = Back fist
Sah Mah Gwi Gwuhn = Praying Mantis Fist


Kuk Sool Won = National (Korean) Martial Arts Association
Kuk Ki = National Flag
Won Ki = Association Flag
Kuk Sa Nim = National Martial Arts Teacher
Kwahn Jahng = Nim Master
Yea Ui = Etiquette
Doh Bok = Martial Arts Uniform
Kahm Sah = Hahm Nee Dah Thank You
Di = Belt
Uhe Bok = Clothes
Yu Sool = Soft Techniques
Kwan Sool = Hard Techniques
Yu Kwan Sool = Soft / Hard Techniques
Bub = Law (Principle)
Um Yang = Equal but Opposites (e.g Water / Fire)
Maek = Pressure point
Soo = Technique


Pahl Goom Chi = Elbow
Sohn = Hand
Sohn Mok = Wrist
An Sohn Mok = Inside wrist
Uh Gea = Shoulder
Jok Sool = Leg technique
Cha Gi = Kick
Bahl = Foot
Bahl Mok = Ankle
Bahl Deung = Top of foot
Moo Reup = Knee
Da Ri = Leg

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